What working with me is really like

Many individuals and organisations have partnered with me to get where they wanted to be. Here’s a selection of testimonials from just some of my clients.

I felt totally at ease talking to Claire who clearly understands the myriad of challenges, self doubts and politics that come along with leading organisations. Understanding but also challenging in a calm and enjoyable way I was able to talk to Claire very easily. I felt a renewed focus and enthusiasm following my discussions with her. For anyone thinking of a coach to help with business, life , career then I cannot recommend Claire enough and as an entrenched ‘sceptic’ I came to realise that rather than a sign of weakness this was indeed a positive move that not only helped me,  but also those who work directly for me in terms of listening, engaging, and making better decisions.

Glenn Harris

Claire is a brilliant coach. A coach needs to be objective and help you to work through the facts as you see them whilst also help you to explore your perceptions. Claire is able to do this whilst also demonstrating deep care for you as a person. Claire has a unique ability to increase resilience in difficult situations in a short space of time (this is helped by her extensive experience working in corporate organisations). Every discussion with her left me feeling stronger and ready to perform at a level I challenge myself to do. More importantly, I know I have met someone that truly cares about it the person, beyond a short term engagement from a coaching capacity. I am grateful to have met Claire.

Hai Bei Chen

I can only describe my experience of coaching with Claire as truly life changing. She has an incredible skill to both empathise and support, while also positively challenging and ensuring that there is clear action in service of achieving goals. Claire was able to help me reframe challenges, break through perceived barriers and grow in confidence to change my career trajectory. I would highly recommend Claire and feel extremely fortunate to have experienced what incredible leadership coaching can do!

Laura Adams
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